Al Morrison Memorial Baseball


Ages 4-6

Season Cost  - $50


This is a completely instructional league, no score is kept, all players play every inning defensively and bat in a continuous order. The emphasis is on teaching the very basics of the game such as running bases, throwing the ball, catching the ball, hitting the ball, and not throwing bats, etc.


1. Managers will bat their entire roster each inning.

2. There is no five (5) run rule in this league.

3. There will be no score keeping or record keeping in this league.

4. There will be a four (4) innings or one (1) hour time limit for each game.

5. Players should be spread out on the field of play defensivley while still allowing all children a chance to field the ball.

6. Players should focus on watching the ball and taking good, controlled swings off the tee.

7. Late players will be added to the bottom of the batting order.

8. Base paths shall be fifty (50) feet.

9. Runners must stay on the base until the ball is hit.

Bat Rules

1. Wood and Metal bats are legal

2. All bats must have a manufactures logo and be designated for T-Ball use.