Al Morrison Memorial Baseball


Ages 11-12


Emphasis continues on skill development and more emphasis is put on how to win and how to accept losses. Pitchers can now attempt pickoff moves to bases, balks are called, stealing home, and 9 players defensively in the field. There is a regular season champion and tournament champion.


  1. The base paths shall be seventy (70) feet and the pitching rubber shall be fifty (50) feet from home plate.
  2. Only 9 defensive players may play the field. ALL players must bat in a continuous batting order.
  3. Game will consist of 6 innings
  4. No new Inning shall be started after two (2) hours. The next inning is considered "started" at the 3rd out of the previous inning. It is possible to tie in the regular season.
  5. "Mercy Rule" - Game will be considered completed after either team leads by 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings. This rule is secondary to the time limit. If the home team is leading, the game will end at the point where the fore mentioned run lead is met.
  6. Teams will be limited to a maximum of 12 players.
  7. Courtesy Runners will not be allowed except for injury. In case of injury, the courtesy runner will be the player that made the last out.
  8. NO pinch runners are allowed.
  9. All others rules will be in accordance with IHSA Rules.
  10.  All teams must complete an umpire evaluation after each of their own games.  It should be completed by the Head Coach or his appointee.

bat Rules

  1. Bronco bats must be no greater than 2 3/4 barrel diameter.
  2. All bats must be ASA, USA or USSSA approved and clearly stamped.
  3. The term "drop" is defined as the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and weighs 20 ounces then it is a -10 drop.
  4. All lengths are acceptable.
  5. -11 drop and beyond (-12, -13, etc.) are illegal. -10 drop and lower (-9, -8, ets.) are acceptable.