Things to know before you register

Registration for the 2023 Summer baseball season begins Monday, February 13th and will run until Sunday, March 26th. As you go to sign up your child there are a few notes that we want to pass along to make sure everyone registers their child properly:


1. If you are new to our league welcome. You will need to create a LeagueApp profile. Simply click on login and go to create new. If you are coming back for another season of baseball with us please make sure your profile and ALL its information is up to date. This will assure that you receive all emails and texts of important information.


2. We recommend that all players going into their leagues are the age requirement by May 1st. Safety is our number one priority for these children and we want to make sure that all players are ready for what is to come in their leagues.


3. We recommend all players play TWO SEASONS in each league. For example, at age 5 and 6 play in T-ball, then move up to coach pitch for two seasons, and so on. There will be a league that the player plays three seasons and that is a decision that should be made by each family and individual child based on skills.


4. We understand that some players may develop athletically sooner than others. We trust that parents will understand their child’s talent and/or limitation and put them in the best spot to succeed. For the Future League and Bronco League levels we have a DRAFT CAMP every year (dates to come) that helps us determine if kids who are not quite to the age requirement of the next league are ready to take that next step. For example, if your child turns 9 during the season and has played two years of coach pitch and you believe the child is ready for Future, the draft camp will determine if they have the skills to protect themselves at the next level. If we determine they are not ready for whatever reason they will simply stay in their proper league one more season to refine their skills.


5. If you believe your child can be moved up to the next progression league, simply sign them up for the league they should be in by age and in the comments/request box during sign up say “move to” and put the next league. We will organize from there and see you at the draft camps. Also, use that box to express any requests you may have for the upcoming season. While we CAN NOT promise anything we are always willing to listen and do our best to oblige.


6. VOLUNTEER COACHES are what make our league run. We need all the help we can get and ask that you please mark the box for coaching if you can give your time. We can understand everyone has limitations of the time, but we can make anything work if given the chance. We just ask if you can give your time please do. It helps us determine teams sooner and gets the process moving quicker to begin the season.


7. It was said once, but bares repeating, SAFTEY IS OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN. We want a safe and wonderful baseball experience for the player and their families. If you have any questions please reach out to us and we would be happy to answer them for you. We hope everyone is as excited as we are for the upcoming baseball season. Lets get ready to… PLAY BALL!